Welcoming a New Sibling: Preparing Your Firstborn for the Big Change

The arrival of a new sibling is a momentous occasion in any family's life, marked by joy, anticipation, and, quite naturally, a bit of apprehension. For your firstborn, the introduction of a new brother or sister can be a significant adjustment. As parents, guiding them through this transition with love, understanding, and a bit of strategy can turn potential rivalry into a lifelong bond. Here's how to prepare your firstborn for the arrival of their new sibling, ensuring a smooth introduction and a foundation for a strong relationship.

Start the Conversation Early

Begin discussing the new baby early in your pregnancy, giving your firstborn plenty of time to adjust to the idea. Use age-appropriate language to explain that a new family member is coming, highlighting the positives while also being honest about the changes it will bring. Books about becoming a big brother or sister can be helpful tools in sparking these conversations.

Involve Them in Preparations

Involving your firstborn in preparations for the new baby can help them feel important and included. Let them help with choosing items for the nursery or picking out clothes for the baby. This involvement can foster a sense of responsibility and excitement about their new role.

introducing new baby to sibling

Normalize the Upcoming Changes

Talk about how daily routines might change once the baby arrives. Emphasize that while the baby will need a lot of attention, your love for them remains unwavering. Acknowledge their feelings and reassure them that it's okay to have a mix of emotions about the new sibling.

Create Dedicated Time

Ensure your firstborn knows they will still have special time with you. Set aside dedicated time just for them, both before and after the baby arrives. This can help mitigate feelings of jealousy and remind them that they hold a unique and irreplaceable place in the family.

Encourage a Bond Before Birth

Encourage your firstborn to talk to the baby in your belly, feel the baby kick, and even help pick out a name. This can help them begin to form a connection with the baby before they are even born.

Introduce Them Properly

When the baby arrives, plan the first meeting thoughtfully. Have another family member or friend hold the baby when your firstborn first comes in, allowing you to greet your first child with open arms. Then, introduce them to their new sibling gently, guiding them on how to interact safely and lovingly.

Celebrate Their New Role

Make a big deal about their new role as a big brother or sister. Consider giving them a special gift from the baby or creating a "big sibling" certificate. Celebrating this new identity helps them feel proud and excited about their new responsibilities.

Keep Communicating

Keep the lines of communication open. Ask your firstborn about their feelings and thoughts on the new baby regularly, providing reassurance and love. Recognize their efforts in being a great sibling with positive reinforcement.


Welcoming a new sibling is a significant transition for your firstborn, but with thoughtful preparation and support, it can be a joyful and enriching experience. By involving them in the process, acknowledging their feelings, and celebrating their new role, you're laying the groundwork for a deep and enduring sibling bond. At Fephas, we understand the complexities of parenting and the beauty of watching your family grow. Our products, from the Baby Monthly Wooden Milestone Cards to our Wooden Baby Hair Brush Set, are designed to support you through these transitions, making every moment a cherished memory. Remember, every step you take in preparing your firstborn for their new sibling is a step toward a more harmonious and loving family dynamic.