Hi! Here at Fephas our mission is to connect families with timeless baby essentials for little ones. Good, clean fun since 2017.

My name is Josefina and I am the founder of Fephas. Our name, Fephas, originated from my daughter. When she was three years old, she couldn’t say my name right. Instead of saying Josefina she would say Josefafina. I thought it was the cutest thing ever and started to play around with it. At first I thought of Sefa, Sefas, Sephas, and lastly, Fephas!

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and lived there until I was eleven. We then moved to Colorado, then California, and then back to Argentina at eighteen. At 32 I moved back to the states, but this time to South Florida. I studied fashion design and then switched to fine arts. I am a mom to two beautiful girls, Jacinta (9) and Manuela (7).

I always had the dream of starting my own brand. Having two wonderful children made that decision easy for me when I discovered the need for quality, functional and beautiful lifestyle products.

Fephas was founded in 2017 on the heels of needing a wonderful product for my little ones. We’ve been around for over six years and we’re so grateful for our wonderful community of parents and little ones alike. We have a small collection of products, each with their own unique use and style. My favorite products are the diaper caddy and baby brushes.