The Diaper Bag Essentials List for Prepared Parents

As a parent, it’s hard to anticipate what your baby will have in store for you. As such, having an equipped diaper bag full of every-day essentials can truly make all the difference. Diaper changes, spit-up, spills and tantrums can all happen with the blink of an eye! We want you to be prepared for whatever life has in store so that you and your baby remain happy, clean, and comfortable.

What should you keep stocked in your diaper bag?

Water bottles, diapers, clothes, oh my! If you want to make sure your diaper bag has all the essentials, we’ve compiled a list of all the frequently used items to ensure you’re prepared. 

First things first: get yourself a versatile diaper bag and caddy 

Choosing a diaper bag and caddy that fits your needs, as well as one that provides plenty of space and versatility, will set you up for success. Our versatile, classically designed diaper caddies feature three compartments to organize and store all your baby’s needs in one place. Whether you’re using it for storage in their room, or bringing it with you in a stroller, our diaper caddy fits all your baby’s essentials.

Your diaper bag is going to be one of the most used and most important items as your child grows.

Always have an excess of diapers and wipes

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: pack plenty of diapers and even more wipes. You’ll never know when they’ll be needed, so remember to restock your bag when you start running out!

Although baby wipes are generally intended for cleaning baby bottoms, they also come in handy for any sort of mess that’s made while you’re away from home. Heaven forbid the changing pad gets a little messy during a quick change and there’s no wipes to clean it!

Diaper cream

Next on the list: diaper cream. Diaper rashes can be uncomfortable and even painful for your baby. Keeping diaper cream ensures that your baby’s skin is protected from irritants and bothersome rashes. If you are away from home without your baby’s cream, it could result in a fussy situation and an unplanned trip to the store for supplies. 

A spare swaddle or burp cloth and a spare set of clothes

Outside of diaper-care baby essentials, you’re going to want to keep a few spares of your regularly used items such as clothes and burp cloths. As a parent, you know how unpredictable your baby and their bodily functions can be. Whether it’s spit-up, a little diarrhea, or just a pill, keeping an extra change of clothes in your baby bag or caddy can be a life-saver. The same can be said for keeping a spare swaddle and burp cloth.

Note: Keep a trash bag or grocery bag on hand to carry any soiled items separately from the rest of the pack.

First aid kit just in case!

The last thing you want as a parent is to be unprepared when your baby is hurt. If an accident happens or an injury occurs you’re going to want to avoid making a run to the store and, instead, try to be proactive. Keep a first aid kit handy with practical, baby-approved medications so that you can handle any situation. Items such as bandages, hand sanitizer, sterile wipes, finger splints, first aid tape, tweezers, and a thermometer are bare-minimum essentials for your kit and can be added upon based on your baby’s needs. 

Snacks and back up snacks (for everyone)

Who doesn't love a good snack? In fact, we all probably know how easy it is to get cranky when you’re a little hungry, and babies are no different. Avoid any outbursts by keeping snacks and non-perishable baby food on hand. Not only will they soothe a hungry stomach, but sometimes they can prove a much-needed distraction for over or under stimulated babies. 

Additionally, don't forget yourself! Being a parent is so rewarding, but sometimes it means that you can forget your needs as they get pushed to the wayside while caring for your child. Keeping a snack on hand means that you need to have a little energy for yourself as well!

diaper bag essentials

Sun protection for those unexpected hot and sunny days

SPF is important for everyone, babies included. Since babies can have such sensitive skin, it is smart to consider keeping sunscreen on hand at all times. After all, sunburns can occur even on cloudy or overcast days.

Any and all nursing and feeding accessories 

Whether your outing is only supposed to take 10 minutes or an unexpected 10 hours, keeping nursing and feeding accessories on hand at all times will make a world of difference. Make sure your breast pump, nursing pads, pre-pumped breast milk, blankes, spare bottles/nipples, and bibs are all accounted for.

Keep a spare caddy in the car, fully stocked at all times

If available, we strongly suggest keeping a separate, spare caddy in the car by the baby’s car seat. This caddy should be fully stocked at all times and house most of your daily essentials. Heaven forbid you forget your diaper bar or lose or forget to restock some of your most needed items, you can always find peace of mind knowing that spares are not too far away.

Fephas combines aesthetics with functionality for you and baby

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