Your Guide to Organizing Baby Clothes

The first steps tug on the heart strings in a way that no one quite prepares you for. It’s a sign that your baby is growing right before your eyes! One of the many hurdles we don't really expect when raising a child is how quickly clothes seem to pile up. Honestly, how can such a small ball of joy create such a mess of clothes?! 

While it may seem overwhelming for now, as a mom, I’m here to guide you through how easy it is to take control and regain your organizational confidence when it comes to your baby's room

Getting clever about organizing baby clothes

Conventional organization methods are tried and true, but sometimes you need to get a little creative when your inventory becomes more than what you anticipated. We’ve taken most of the creative thinking out of the equation and have provided a list of our favorite ways to change up how you store your baby clothes. 

Hanging baby clothes vs. folding them

When you first set up your nursery, you probably had an idea of exactly how many items you were going to store and where. But with endless gifts from your baby shower registry, you just might be overwhelmed by the number of clothes you ended up with.

organizing baby clothes

Hanging baby clothes can be beneficial, with closet dividers, you can create the perfect, labeled space that complements your nursery needs.

Have fun while you decide to style them by size, category, and color!

Outside of making sure everything is tucked away neat and tidy, elevate your organizational skills by creating categories to organize your clothes by. These categories can be adjusted depending on your overall organizational goals. 

For example: if you want your storage space to be more visually appealing, try organizing each item by color. If practicality is more of your incentive, try arranging by size and style to make the morning routine easier.

It’s okay to hold on to a few pieces that you just can’t let go of

As clothes and toys begin to pile up, the reality hits us that we can't keep all of it forever. While it may be difficult to get rid of the majority of clothes or little shoes that your baby has outgrown, remember that there is nothing wrong with keeping those few sentimental pieces that spark joy. Who knows, maybe they will be useful down the line! Try to dedicate a specific part of your baby’s closet, like the bottom left or right-hand side, out of sight, for those things you just can't part with.

How to set up your organizing space for baby clothes

Before diving in on a large organizational project, it may be best to first envision and plan out what additional storage options could be available. Coming up with new and creative ideas on how to get the most out of your space is a great way to get the most out of your living area. 

Here are our no-brainer storage tips. 

You can use closet dividers to create a more cohesive and intentional space for you and your baby

Part of organizing is mastering the flow of the space and using it to your advantage. Don't be afraid to break up large, open areas by adding dividers on both your closet doors and shelves. This intentional use of space not only makes your storage look cohesive, but it allows for peace of mind.

Get yourself some vacuum seal bags and bins with labels 

You deserve a little break, so we’re big fans of stocking up on items that make your life easier. For the things you know you won't need for a while, or maybe the things you just can't seem to get rid of, try using vacuum storage bags. Keeping articles of your child's clothes that will not be accessed for long periods of time is not only impractical but takes away from your ability to organize. 

Create an area to set aside donations and clothes you’re not using 

In the event that there isn't enough storage, or if some items are no longer needed, consider creating an area dedicated to storing items meant to be donated. When keeping clothes that you intend to donate with clothes that you use on a regular basis, it can take away from any available space in your baby closet and add a sense of clutter. Having a clear vision of what needs to be donated can help you tackle the situation with ease. 

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