Nursery Must-Haves for First-Time Moms

Becoming a mother is one of the most joyous and eye-opening experiences you may ever have. And while your friends and family are bustling with excitement, you’re building a nest, noticing the necessity of a space that honors and complements your family’s collective needs. 

Whether you’re six days or six months into being home with your baby, this journey is essential, and having what you need through every single step is invaluable.

Why is it important to set up an intentional nursery space?

Being a parent of an infant or toddler is a gift – but it’s also back-breaking work, and the better your space is set up, the better chance you have at not just surviving, but thriving!

Between the lack of sleep and working hard to keep your little one happy, you simply do not have the luxury of time to navigate a disorganized space that’s lacking storage receptacles, proper comfort for your body, and designated areas to take care of you and mini you.

Ensure baby and parents get quality sleep 

Becoming a parent for the first, second, or third time teaches you something different with each child. One of those early lessons is that you’ll take sleep in any form, at any time, however the opportunity presents itself. Sometimes the crib, and even bedside sleepers, just won’t cut it. Having multiple options like an extra bed in the nursery is essential for a good night's sleep.

Your nursery must have a floor space that feels navigable 

Newborn hours can be a little rocky, let alone the nights when you’re up soothing a case of colic. So when you are walking like a zombie back to the crib, instead of tripping over a chaotic space in the middle of the night to feed or change your little one, knowing exactly what to expect when you enter the nursery is so helpful. Make sure there’s plenty of walking space near the door to prevent accidents when you’re barely awake.

Nursery gems that take the ergonomic experience a little lighter

One thing that people neglect to tell you is that when you become a parent, your neck, back, arms and shoulders will never stop being utilized. You’re constantly carrying babies, picking up babies, rocking babies, and soothing them to sleep. A little support in the name of ergonomics and neutral spine alignment is a little help that goes a long way.

Basic essentials and key organization tools

When we talk about the essentials, we mean the big ones; the white noise machine, the odorless diaper trash receptacle, and especially a wipe warmer.

Diaper caddies on hand make life a lot easier, and you can’t live without them. Diaper caddies make those tired mornings more enjoyable with just a little conscious design. With a beautiful aesthetic of cotton rope material, it’s bound to complement your other accessories and belongings while remaining the most functional resource in the room.

nursery must-haves

A feeding pillow to preserve and alleviate muscle tension 

Feeding is a delicate experience that requires muscles that carry all sorts of tension depending on your holding strategy. A feeding pillow can offer your body upright support as you navigate strain reduction on your neck, shoulders, and back. Even if you have a bed in your nursery, lying down with your feeding pillow will still feel better than lying on your mattress alone.

Plenty of cushions, blackout curtains, and spots to kick your feet up 

It doesn’t matter if you painted your nursery a coral orange color or hunter green, if you haven’t yet been introduced to blackout curtains, add them to your wishlist, stat! Give yourself, and your baby, the gift of restful sleep at any time during the day. Blackout curtains can especially come in handy on those rough days when sleep escapes you and your baby. You can go into the nursery on any part of a sunny day and find yourself a restful, dark, cool space to sleep peacefully.

Toys and regulation tools to keep baby occupied 

Maybe you’re still in the early stages of your little one discovering their hands and feet. But no matter what stage you’re in right now, those hands will need to be occupied sooner or later. If it’s not your first child, you won’t be surprised to learn that even the smallest, silliest toys can be helpful while you’re dealing with a serious diaper situation.

Fephas has essentials for your modern baby nursery

At Fephas, we value the design of modern, ethical baby goods without sacrificing the aesthetic and style of your space. Check out our blog to learn more about life as a parent.