Sustainable Pregnancy Must-Haves for Every Parent!

If we could bottle the pure joy and excitement that comes along with anticipating the birth of your first (or even third) child, we totally would! Bringing a baby into the world is one of the most incredible experiences a person can have. And becoming a parent is truly a gift. As parents, we understand the importance of having everything you need to have a successful (and as comfortable as possible) pregnancy. Here’s our list of must-haves to make your life just a little bit easier along the way!

Lifesavers that help alleviate stress and pain in your physical body

Your body is brilliant. It gives you signals about every single thing you could possibly imagine, and it shows up for you each day to keep you moving about. Your body has arms to hug and embrace your favorite people, and legs to carry you up the tallest mountains. During pregnancy, we’re even more attuned to those signals, and keeping your body as comfortable as possible doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Pillows, pillows, and more pillows!

As your baby grows, they spin, kick, and decide exactly where they're going to nestle in for the night. Your spine, hips, and back take on a lot of new pressures, pains, and aches in an attempt to create space for your baby to grow. Pregnancy pillows (and having lots of pillows around in general) can improve your spine alignment and alleviate the pressure bearing down on you.

A belly support band, a supportive bra, and comfy maternity clothes go a long way

There's nothing quite like a supportive bra. High-impact and supportive bras give you the ability to move any which way, at any speed, with a moment's notice. So ditch the one that feels like it's rubbing into your sides and get yourself a bra that feels comfortable and functional.

A belly support band and comfortable maternity clothes are essentials that make all the difference. Instead of buying new pants throughout different stages of your pregnancy, a belly support band enables you to wear your normal pants unbuttoned. There’s simply nothing better than being able to feel comfortable in your clothes while you're growing a tiny human.

Supportive shoes and pedicures galore

You deserve to rest. And you deserve healthy, cared-for feet that can get you from morning coffee with friends all the way through to dinner. 

Swelling is very common during pregnancy since your body holds onto more water, and that water gathers toward the lower half of your body. Get yourself a pedicure, kick those feet up, and remember that the right shoe can go a long way!

Ingestible supports that fall under “pregnancy must-haves”

We know the effort required to keep your body’s rest, hydration, and energy levels high when you’re pregnant. And lucky for you, we’ve got a couple of tricks and tips to manage all of the above!

Prenatal vitamins, antacids, and teas to help with nausea and sleep

The pillars of pregnancy exist somewhere between prenatal vitamins, antacids, and other natural nausea and sleep aids. Prenatal vitamins are chock full of essential nutrients, just like certain teas and antacids can help keep your stomach settled. 

A stainless steel water bottle to keep you cool and hydrated– pregnancy dehydration is real!

Your hydration levels are what keep your body’s systems functioning with no interruption. Dehydration, even when you're not pregnant, is dangerous for a lot of reasons. It’s one of those things that we human beings are forever trying to get better at. So when you're shopping for your pregnancy must-haves, get yourself a stainless steel water bottle to help you stay cool and hydrated throughout the day and night. Add a squeeze of lemon or your favorite hydration multipliers to take things up a notch.

Keep a few items for post-pregnancy to help with the transition home

If you’re giving birth at a birthing center or a hospital, there’s no feeling quite like heading home. And it can feel even better if you set your house up for success with everything you and your baby may need to get you through those first few bumpy weeks of adjustment and transition.pregnancy must-haves

Diaper caddy for the car, the upstairs, the downstairs, and anywhere in between!

Having all things baby related in your diaper caddy is great, for both travel and at-home use. Prep your diaper caddies with extra, extra wipes, diapers, onesies, pacifiers, diaper rash cream, and anything else you know to be a lifesaver.

Your world, your way with Fephas baby essentials

Fephas was built from the heart of a mom who saw a need for essentials that are made with raw materials, don’t sacrifice aesthetics, and remain sustainable. For all of those parents out there who’ve been waiting for baby products that value all of the above, we’re so glad you found us. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any concerns or questions, and read over the rest of our blog for more parenting tips!