Why You Should Brush Your Baby’s Hair

For both baby boys and baby girls alike, brushing your child's hair can be an important part of development and connection. In fact, brushing your child's hair shouldn't solely be seen as a way to style or detangle your baby’s hair, but rather as a way to establish a constant regimen. Practicing a regular routine of brushing your child's hair will lay the foundation for beneficial habits that your child will carry for the rest of their life, as well as aid in parts of their development as they get older.

If there are any mothers and fathers who are interested in learning how to properly brush your child’s hair, keep reading! We’ll be sure to review exactly why this practice is important, as well as what tools and methods you should use to keep your baby as safe and comfortable as possible. 

The importance of brushing your baby’s hair

We strongly believe that there are at least four practical reasons to establish a regular habit of brushing your baby’s hair.

Brushing the hair develops good blood flow

Two words: healthy scalp. In the early months of your baby’s life they can develop a skin condition known as cradle scalp or cradle cap. These dry and scaly flakes can riddle the head of your newborn, leaving your baby with a head full of dead skin. Relief for this condition can be found through brushing hair regularly with a soft bristled brush. Similarly to an adult’s scalp, your baby’s scalp health can be promoted by regular brushing as it encourages blood flow to the area.

It is a great soothing agent

Part of being a loving parent is accepting and growing through the times where your baby may not be in the best of moods. We strongly urge parents to try and bring out a brush if your baby has become upset or unsettled as there is such a soft and soothing feeling that is associated with running a brush through your hair. 

why brush baby's hair

While we understand this method of soothing your child may not be the perfect solution for all of their needs, it’s a great tool to keep in your parental toolbelt. 

Bonding time is a great benefit to both you and your baby

You may not think of it this way initially, but spending time brushing your baby’s hair is an easy way to expand on the amount of skin to skin contact that you and your child share. Skin to skin contact following birth has been proven to aid in regulating body temperature and establishing a steady heart rate, promoting critical foundational blocks for your baby’s development

If skin-to-skin contact has been proven to produce such significant developmental strides, why shouldn't it be promoted throughout all stages of your newborn's growth cycles? Even the simplest moments of bonding between a child and their parents can encourage healthy development. 

It keeps your baby’s hair stylish

In the end, how could we not mention this last point? Sure, there are quite a few reasons to regularly engage in brushing your baby’s hair, but when we get down to it, there’s nothing wrong with making sure your mini-me has a little bit of style to them.

Key factors to take into consideration

Now that we’ve gone over what we believe to be the important aspects of brushing your little one's hair, there are some things you need to know about the process to make it both a fun and beneficial activity.

The type of brush you use is very important when brushing your baby’s hair

Our primary recommendation is to be mindful of what tools you’re using. Unlike an adult scalp, a baby’s scalp will need a special brush. Try sticking to soft bristled brushes to protect the integrity of fine baby hair. Soft brushes also protect the scalp, protect the nervous system, while still encouraging blood circulation. Our Wooden Baby Goat Hair Brush is an excellent, gentle exfoliant that helps prevent and remove cradle cap during bathtime.

Make sure the skincare products are good quality for your baby

In the event that you discover that your baby has cradle cap or another form of skin irritation, be sure you take note of the products being used. The scalp health of your newborn is just as important as the health of the rest of their skin. When an issue is discovered, review the products you’re using on their skin and ensure that the quality of the product and the listed ingredients are all beneficial, and have no negative side effects.

Start a routine to make sure your baby get used to the brushing

baby hairbrushingIn addition to the right tools and helpful products, there is the necessity of forming a routine. As you incorporate regular hair brushing into the daily schedule, your child will establish healthy and integral habits for success.  

Being a parent is never easy, we at Fephas hope to make the job a little easier! 

We understand how challenging, yet rewarding being a parent is. At Fephas, we want to encourage our mothers and fathers to be amazing parents while still expressing themselves and maintaining their family fundamentals. Tackle parenthood while being both stylish and sustainable – visit our website for a variety of parental tips and a wide range of products to fit your family’s needs.