What To Put In A Diaper Caddy

When you’re a parent, it’s pretty much a requirement to be prepared for whatever life may throw your way. A simple solution to mitigating your problems? A well stocked diaper caddy. Whether you’re new to the experience, or a parent with a few years of experience under your belt, you’ll come to find that what you carry in your diaper bag can make all the difference!

what to put in a diaper caddy

Let’s go over the diaper caddy essentials that will make you ready for whatever the parenting experience has to throw at you. Whether you’re at home or on the go, these tools of the trade are sure to keep everyone happy.


The list of essentials for your diaper caddy

1. Diapers

Diapers are one of the most obvious essentials to have in your diaper caddy. While generic disposable diapers may be what you’d initially reach for, you could try a more sustainable and cost-effective option: cloth diapers. They do take up a lot more room, though!

2. Baby wipes

Baby wipes are not only a must-have for cleaning up a mess, they’re also staples for keeping a clean, happy family. From hands to behinds, baby wipes are a simple way to clean up every aspect of being a parent. Spills, sticky hands, messy surfaces, all of these nuisances can be remedied with a little help from baby wipes!

3. Diaper cream

As helpful as diapers are, their ability to trap and retain bodily fluids also makes diaper rash and other irritants for your child very common. Not only is diaper rash common, it is also incredibly uncomfortable! Diaper cream is absolutely necessary to provide relief and clear up those pesky rashes within a couple days after they appear.

4. Baby lotion

For the first few years of life a baby's skin remains sensitive and delicate to the elements. As such, it is important for parents to keep both sunblock and baby lotion on hand at all times. Specially formulated baby lotions will ensure that your child has all the important ingredients to keep their skin soft and supple.

5. Burp cloths

Messy diapers aren't the only accidents your baby is bound to have. Most of us are all too familiar with the realities of spit up. Having a few clean sets of burp cloths will ensure that your and your baby stay clean and free of messes!

6. Nursing pads

A mother’s milk supply can often be unpredictable – that’s where nursing pads come in. These small, circular pads are quite important to keep packed in your diaper bag as they can aid in the seemingly random production of milk, absorbing any excess so that your clothing stays dry and comfortable.

7. Thermometer

Don’t be the last to know when your baby is feeling under the weather. Monitoring your child’s temperature can be one of the first indicators that something is wrong. Additionally, keeping a thermometer close by – even when traveling – can help you assess your child’s reaction to new foods and newly introduced medications.  

8. Nail file or clippers

Nails, especially as they develop, can become fragile and jagged without warning. Since babies are inherently curious and active as they grow, there’s no way to tell when their nails will become potentially harmful to their soft, sensitive skin. Avoid any scrapes and unhappy babies by carrying both a file and a set of clippers.

rope diaper caddy9. Nasal drops and aspirator

As you would expect, babies have naturally small nasal passages. Carrying nasal drops and a nasal aspirator can help alleviate any congestion that’s caused by mucus buildup in the nose. 

10. Baby hair brush

Naturally fine, baby hairs are notorious for getting themselves into a wad of a predicament before the day is over. Help your baby by keeping a hairbrush on hand to prevent matting and heavy tangles. It’s also a great idea to get your baby on a daily brushing routine to help prevent cradle cap and encourage blood circulation!

11. Swaddle blanket or changing pad

While less frequently used, many parents can find having a swaddle blanket on hand beneficial. Sometimes the new world can be a little overwhelming – that’s where your swaddle comes in. Wrapping your baby up tight can reduce anxiety and improve your baby’s mood.

12. Something for teething relief

Admittedly, new teeth pushing past gentle gums isn’t the best feeling. Help your child by keeping teething products on hand to make the process as easy as possible and to reduce irritation as their new teeth start to come in!

13. Hand Sanitizer

Parents aren't afraid to get a little dirty if it means caring for their kids. As such, our last recommended essential is hand sanitizer – after all, public changing tables are not the cleanest environment for you or your baby. Kill off germs and fight off viruses so that you remain happy and healthy for your child.

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